イタリア食科学大学修士課程卒。40を超えるレストラン店舗を持つImpresario Hospitalityにて、地元の農家と食材を発掘する仕事に就く。農業や編集、そして料理もこなし、食の専門家としても活動。また、インドのスローフード運動を推進するメンバーのうちの1人でもある。

Having gained a Masters in Food Studies from the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy, Kumud has dabbled in farming, writing and cooking. She currently works for one of the top Hospitality companies in India - Impresario Hospitality. Her main focus for the company is to find local producers for over 40 restaurants, while conducting research which helps understand the social and historical place of food in India. She is also a member of the Slow Food movement.

Kumud Dadlani




This fermentation workshop is beginners guide to "Fermentation in India". Due to diversity in the country, ingredients, seasons, methods, changes with regions. In the workshop, This workshop will touch upon the history of Fermentation in India, what kind of fermented product is served in different regions, social aspects of fermentation - women in small scale industries. 

エリア D
14:30 ~ 15:30



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